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Remember, after you have killed a boss, couple of your raid members should exit to the character selection screen in order to update Armory
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Challenge Mode Runs

RankParty SetupGuildTime
13S Tank: Ciri Healer: Porestar DPS: Dossouyo, Kams, PradajrDuality12 days ago11m 46s
Score 1062.92
14S Tank: Kapaya Healer: Robbieyo DPS: Fearomatic, Grimzie, ZaeneySecurity3 days ago11m 46s
Score 1062.33
15GD Tank: Babyjace Healer: Bouleau DPS: Madryel, Megabloks, NerthfuHuge in Japan, Anger, Razzia19 days ago11m 48s
Score 1058.83
16GD Tank: Applepumpkin Healer: Sviatoslav DPS: Annalise, Gale, TuckerVintage1 day ago11m 49s
Score 1057.56
17GD Tank: Sharkerr Healer: Oppololz DPS: Daviø, Nwmhere, SwagblejzerNot Sure If Trolling, Charlie Foxtrot, Sad Willow17 days ago11m 51s
Score 1054.84
18GD Tank: Kaotikz Healer: Vuulu DPS: Røsaparks, Señorsquid, XèvMajxs Guild6 days ago11m 52s
Score 1052.81
19GD Tank: Поллачка Healer: Тергео DPS: Gaìjin, Новасмерти, СупероленьВтороеДыхание9 days ago11m 56s
Score 1047.52
20GD Tank: Annouchcka Healer: Bourrache DPS: Stracciatela, Дамнейшн, ЭкшенхохоApogée, Экзорсус, Опасность2 days ago11m 57s
Score 1045.74
21GD Tank: Rastwo Healer: Thorwal DPS: Aari, Optimas, RinkzDarkStorm17 days ago11m 59s
Score 1043.50
22S Tank: Kapaya Healer: Robbieyo DPS: Fearomatic, Grimzie, ZaeneySecurity3 days ago12m 0s
Score 1041.75
23GD Tank: Prepot Healer: Branchout DPS: Fiveever, Kalisys, NightcrawlaTF12 days ago12m 3s
Score 1037.12
24S Tank: Karvan Healer: Esoumlol DPS: Bigboinova, Cba, DevozionBifrost8 hours ago12m 5s
Score 1034.77
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