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Remember, after you have killed a boss, couple of your raid members should exit to the character selection screen in order to update Armory
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DE Challenge Mode Runs

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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Missbeast Healer: Meluw DPS: Elominjarah, Krml, LejukezjrCookie Carry, on Cooldown, GOOFYSQUAD2 days ago12m 18s
Score 1016.30
2GD Tank: Fluttershy Healer: Neav DPS: Erêstor, Gummibaer, KhorakhOblivion16 days ago12m 39s
Score 987.93
3GD Tank: Kírame Healer: Noi DPS: Calientê, Jedak, Swaggalockmacht DRUCK5 days ago12m 51s
Score 972.48
4GD Tank: Nomicdk Healer: Mantikorr DPS: Lezzarlock, Luxxz, TherzeelRandom Raid Mafia21 day ago12m 52s
Score 971.56
5GD Tank: Kawori Healer: Séifê DPS: Inpetto, Jsbl, WâllshokWhy Me4 days ago12m 53s
Score 970.63
6GD Tank: Kírame Healer: Noi DPS: Beachmusclex, Jedak, Smeximacht DRUCK19 days ago13m 0s
Score 962.02
7GD Tank: Rázore Healer: Daisychainx DPS: Leger, Lôis, MilkyThe Unnamed, W H F20 days ago13m 2s
Score 959.23
8GD Tank: Nosturi Healer: Knokkdown DPS: Ayerá, Dq, SkizerEODEM, go for gold22 days ago13m 4s
Score 956.18
9GD Tank: Nosturi Healer: Starecase DPS: Makkeroni, Nichtnitrian, ScashtoxiczIn Excess, Refuge, Flawless, Casual18 days ago13m 12s
Score 946.96
10GD Tank: Daesa Healer: Soarin DPS: Kuraghàta, Lacrimia, Pallaneadkw, In flagrantì11 days ago13m 12s
Score 946.61
11GD Tank: Skwi Healer: Themi DPS: Kuroshima, Nexxh, ShoronEssential11 days ago13m 14s
Score 945.06
12GD Tank: Sinthanor Healer: Fupls DPS: Cheewa, Sheanx, VelinaUrgut, TG Gaming, untitled spreadsheet25 days ago13m 17s
Score 940.83
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