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EU-Connected Malfurion Challenge Mode Runs, Siege of Niuzao Temple

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Healer: DPS: SharePelzpudding2 years ago10m 15s
2 Tank: Smaller Healer: Solus DPS: PercsiWunderwaffe2 years ago12m 40s
3 Tank: Blackywn Healer: DPS: Katarma, TonymoEvil Awareness, Cold Mirror, We love CM1 year ago13m 8s
4 Tank: Healer: DPS: Elfaras, Wulewabwab, Xeszz1 year ago13m 13s
5 Tank: Healer: Swaddi DPS: Gfunk, NooxzNIHIL INTERIT2 years ago13m 15s
6 Tank: Blackywn Healer: DPS: Arduina, Katarma, NomeraWe love CM, Evil Awareness, will nur spielen1 year ago13m 16s
7 Tank: Healer: Swaddi DPS: Gfunk, Nooxz, TehluNIHIL INTERIT, Nameless2 years ago13m 27s
8 Tank: Blackywn Healer: DPS: Dathea, KatarmaWe love CM, Unio Mystica, Evil Awareness1 year ago13m 29s
9 Tank: Blackywn, Lightdada Healer: Chanaya DPS: KatarmaWe love CM, Evil Awareness, InCage1 year ago13m 47s
10 Tank: Healer: DPS: Elfaras, Sulka, WulewabwabConquest of Paradise1 year ago13m 49s
11 Tank: Shínzu Healer: DPS: Dâgoberto, Kraïd, ZomixHeute Noch1 year ago13m 53s
12 Tank: Blackywn Healer: DPS: Katarma, Nåzgul, TreasaWe love CM, Evil Awareness, Icedragon1 year ago13m 53s
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