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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Challenge Mode Runs

PvP Realm
RankParty SetupGuildTime
13A Tank: Yiaz Healer: Tupac DPS: Junglá, Pichisenpai, SpooncakeThe Tempted, NollTvåTre, Surge14 days ago17m 56s
Score 697.06
14A Tank: Anettheron Healer: Daddyswagxd DPS: Anodot, Cptobvs, NekziSurge15 days ago18m 10s
Score 687.90
15GD Tank: Hernes, Yoloswagger Healer: Lunaya DPS: Dilwyn, JaybugWhy no love, Celesty9 days ago18m 20s
Score 681.79
16GD Tank: Smekk Healer: Celéan DPS: Jakker, Shnooberella, VíchyHeks, Total Annihilation19 hours ago18m 59s
Score 658.58
17ID Tank: Darthboon Healer: Townpriest DPS: Cqz, Kaiithewaii, StealalotQuantum of Rage4 days ago19m 0s
Score 658.11
18S Healer: Townpriest DPS: Cqz, Darthboon, Kaiithewaii, StealalotQuantum of Rage10 days ago19m 56s
Score 627.29
19GD Healer: Townpriest DPS: Darthboon, Graindividah, Kaiithewaii, StealalotQuantum of Rage7 days ago20m 25s
Score 612.12
20GD Tank: Zîcky Healer: Senju DPS: Idontfail, Kajsakalkon, LeiflocketDistinct Advantage, Ancient Nation8 days ago20m 31s
Score 609.33
21TE Tank: Darthboon Healer: Underpanda DPS: Cqz, Kaiithewaii, StealalotQuantum of Rage, GANDA PEDRA12 days ago20m 47s
Score 601.48
22A Tank: Yiaz DPS: Dajoke, Mamaswagxd, Phrxs, TribbîeThe Tempted16 days ago21m 22s
Score 585.15
23GD Tank: Flakmonkey Healer: Kaoru DPS: Anileth, Exaratoth, IsillienOrigin, You aRe NoT RePaiReD, Players of Pahuland9 days ago21m 28s
Score 582.24
24GD Tank: Riu Healer: Saiaman DPS: Fradoc, Katumus, SaroggPaha Setä, Rauta3 days ago22m 4s
Score 566.51
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