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EU-Dun Morogh Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1S Tank: Gandos Healer: Craven DPS: Gimliforever, Gold, LinûErzritter2 days ago32m 46s
Score 381.56
2SBG Tank: Gandos Healer: Mitnal DPS: Gimliforever, Gold, ZirocErzritter, Critted to Death4 days ago40m 30s
Score 308.67
3S Tank: Apocalyptik Healer: Craven DPS: Beutju, Gold, OxíErzritter2 days ago48m 35s
Score 257.30
4SBG Tank: Gandos Healer: Thamâr DPS: Amunahe, Linû, OxíErzritter4 days ago48m 43s
Score 256.61
5TE Tank: Shui Healer: Nauwly DPS: Dayzed, Fipzz, SohkarCritted to Death3 days ago49m 36s
Score 252.04
6TE Tank: Evuj DPS: Gimliforever, Gold, Stoneslayer, ZirocConfidence, Erzritter3 days ago49m 58s
Score 250.19
7GSS Tank: Lakada, Shirohige Healer: ColmWipe Out1 year ago5m 59s
Score 217.47
8A Tank: Kisury Healer: Kiku DPS: Majestro, Saphi, SedlinaCritted to Death4 days ago60m 14s
Score 207.55
9TE Tank: Meldy Healer: Nivele DPS: Craven, Esrâ, PaokiErzritter3 days ago68m 18s
Score 183.03
10S Tank: Ferra Healer: Dego DPS: Dêluxe, Saphi, Venqanaad gladios, Critted to Death10 months ago10m 42s
Score 177.59
11GD Tank: Gandos DPS: Deamen, Gimliforever, Gold, StoneslayerErzritter, Confidence5 days ago71m 8s
Score 175.72
12SBG Tank: Morisa Healer: Nivele DPS: Craven, Gandos, OxíErzritter4 days ago71m 16s
Score 175.41
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