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EU-Dun Morogh Challenge Mode Runs, Gate of the Setting Sun

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Lakada, Shirohige Healer: ColmWipe Out, essential1 year ago5m 59s
2 Tank: Ferra Healer: Dego DPS: Dêluxe, Saphi, Venqanaad gladios, Critted to Death9 months ago8m 18s
3 Tank: Kisury Healer: Din DPS: Neraia, Prayloona, SaphiCritted to Death1 month ago9m 29s
4 Tank: Hypèr Healer: Din DPS: Lancelol, Saphi, SyntaxCritted to Death, SWAG MODE ENGAGED13 days ago9m 53s
5 Tank: Kisury Healer: Din DPS: Nylove, Saphi, SedlinaCritted to Death25 days ago9m 53s
6 Tank: Kisury Healer: Din DPS: Manorius, Neraia, SaphiCritted to Death, Dignitas10 days ago9m 59s
7 Tank: Collecthor Healer: Cescharin DPS: Ethilios, Môndkind, TarishSchattenloge, essential, Critted to Death, Die Gummibärenbande14 days ago10m 4s
8 Tank: Saremy Healer: Thamâr DPS: Abuelmod, Gimliforever, LinûErzritter, Semper Fideles, Tempest25 days ago10m 17s
9 Tank: Antarus Healer: Câerlon DPS: Menova, Saphi, Torrobulbaessential, Critted to Death6 months ago10m 24s
10 Tank: Vandariel Healer: Smashfive DPS: Fusebox, Korytan, Tákuya1 year ago10m 26s
11 Tank: Vandariel Healer: Smashi DPS: Cyrèz, Fuyaa, Tákuya1 year ago10m 35s
12 Tank: Vandariel Healer: Xarrokh DPS: Cyrèz, Fuyaa, Galbatoryx1 year ago10m 39s
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