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EU-Jaedenar Challenge Mode Runs, Scarlet Halls

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Sipix Healer: Earthtamer DPS: Chiral, Theuntamed, XflameInnominatum, Claymore, Deathcharge, HASHTAG Believe1 month ago8m 53s
2 Tank: Timarius Healer: Lucy DPS: Dolphinbron, Fluria, Wessröw8 months ago9m 50s
3 Tank: Holysparkz Healer: Monkeyhair DPS: Edmilqtxd, Roaðkill, ZanéyQuantum1 year ago9m 51s
4 Tank: Jarg Healer: Cptleedss DPS: Game, Pumme, ÉntropiClaymore, Riders of Honor4 months ago10m 23s
5 Tank: Jarg Healer: Cptleedss DPS: Pinachu, Pumme, ÉntropiRiders of Honor, Claymore4 months ago10m 23s
6 Tank: Nimtaz Healer: Shadowsparkz DPS: Johnprescott, Vaccine, ZanéyQuantum1 year ago10m 39s
7 Healer: Holysparkz, Supavítax DPS: Burni, Zanéy, ßoomerAether, Aether1 year ago11m 1s
8 Tank: Torms Healer: Nacil DPS: Adhaara, Mïga, ShamigaProclaimed, Profound9 months ago11m 3s
9 Tank: Orena Healer: Lux DPS: Eloquence, Pipakos, RamoxCan YOU Eat a Seal, The Aftermath8 months ago11m 3s
10 Tank: Nimtaz Healer: Monkeyhair DPS: Bodybag, Intasirinna, Zanéy1 year ago11m 5s
11 Tank: Nomád Healer: Luvprncess DPS: Brownage, Flushes, Gimie1 year ago11m 9s
12 Tank: Skillgrip Healer: Benedictus DPS: Bizzarre, Ollinda, SazandaroRiders of Honor, Guardians Clan4 months ago11m 10s
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