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EU-The Sha'tar Challenge Mode Runs, Gate of the Setting Sun

RP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Klosterbro Healer: Ashvaelsmite DPS: Fiixoida, Sparkoggz, YomchiMethod1 month ago6m 23s
2 Tank: Celeces Healer: Oats DPS: Allenes, Cavo, XíaoyuObscure9 months ago7m 38s
3 Tank: Healer: Oats DPS: Allenes, CavoObscure10 months ago8m 49s
4 Tank: Celeces Healer: Nearly DPS: Cavo, Razzil, ZarthObscure, Evzones6 months ago9m 5s
5 Tank: Peeta Healer: Shinerax DPS: Allecto, Rengore, WhothehellObscure, Adapt or Die, KoS, Moist1 month ago9m 10s
6 Tank: Celeces Healer: Nearly DPS: Cavo, Oskarr, RazzilObscure, Realm Walkers7 months ago9m 25s
7 Tank: Peeta Healer: Shinerax DPS: Clarityfotm, Rengore, StinaeObscure, Forte, KoS1 month ago9m 25s
8 Tank: Dyssen Healer: Nearly DPS: Allenes, Reica, ShamoronObscure1 month ago9m 28s
9 Tank: Korgard Healer: Drooda DPS: Felep, Shamoron, ZerachObscure10 months ago9m 31s
10 Tank: Peeta Healer: Swiftyonpri DPS: Ezorian, Rengore, WhothehellObscure, Evzones, Shadowhunters, KoS, Moist27 days ago9m 32s
11 Tank: Yvonee Healer: Nearly DPS: Allenes, Kellíe, ShamoronObscure1 month ago9m 35s
12 Tank: Peeta Healer: Shinerax DPS: Hua, Raleeha, SpellslingObscure, KoS1 month ago9m 39s
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