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EU-Twilight's Hammer Challenge Mode Runs, Scarlet Monastery

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Daddyswagxd DPS: Dajoke, Narany, VogzThe Tempted, Surge3 months ago7m 42s
2 Tank: Vereesà Healer: Rathye DPS: Deloop, Nèverknow, Riks8 months ago7m 42s
3 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Grimbee, Narany, VogzThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, Come Clarity2 months ago8m 12s
4 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Narany, Vogz, YorickmoriThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, Order And Chaos1 month ago8m 24s
5 Tank: Zerobrew Healer: Spokey DPS: Marvadi, Nekzi, ThrywienSurge, The Tempted, SHAC13 days ago8m 52s
6 Tank: Zerobrew Healer: Daddyswagxd DPS: Eliese, Spooncake, VogzSurge, Purgatorium, The Tempted18 days ago9m 13s
7 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Narany, Vogz, XariousThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, Soul Drinkers2 months ago9m 15s
8 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Marvadi, Vogz, XeroThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, Infernum2 months ago9m 17s
9 Tank: Zerovelocity Healer: Yrijo DPS: Biebabeloeba, Lazeli, NekziSurge, Warlord Wardens6 months ago9m 17s
10 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Kaslatét, Narany, OverlustThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, friends berore, Last Attempt2 months ago9m 21s
11 Tank: Lazel Healer: Kalabakas DPS: Amx, Kybal, VaxyzGet Wrecked, Order Of Gul dan, Order And Chaos, Ancestors of Incin..5 months ago9m 23s
12 Tank: Zimiq Healer: Deádish DPS: Aléxix, Syanna, ZyxzizThe Tempted, TOADiLY WASTED, Rise of Dawn4 months ago9m 24s
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