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Oceanic Challenge Mode Runs, Siege of Niuzao Temple

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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Healer: DPS: Dutte, InceptaRuthless2 years ago9m 19s
2 Tank: Marssyy Healer: Makingbacon DPS: Hahnsel, XarastraszaAscension2 years ago10m 12s
3 Tank: Healer: Warria DPS: Frankeesh, ThelmageDistortion, Vita Obscura2 years ago10m 21s
4 Tank: Nootknight Healer: DPS: 2 years ago10m 27s
5 Tank: Runeheal Healer: Dorfie DPS: Grimsheeprr, PetersHonestly2 years ago10m 28s
6 Tank: Healer: DPS: Dut, Incepta2 years ago10m 41s
7 Tank: Healer: DPS: 1 year ago11m 2s
8 Tank: Healer: DPS: Clodpoolopeths warriors1 year ago11m 2s
9 Tank: Marssyy Healer: Makingbacon DPS: Ascension2 years ago11m 5s
10 Tank: Healer: DPS: Kassachanhuehuehue1 year ago11m 13s
11 Tank: Healer: DPS: Hèllinquis, SckA Clash of Kings1 year ago11m 16s
12 Tank: Methyl Healer: DPS: Andy, JonsnowCrimson, Sublimity2 years ago11m 16s
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