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US-Aerie Peak Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Executus, Pryze Healer: Klydasaurus DPS: Rani, RankAlone20 days ago15m 4s
Score 830.05
2GD Tank: Executus, Pryze Healer: Klydasaurus DPS: Mangeycroket, SellasAlone17 days ago16m 1s
Score 780.24
3A Healer: Humanish DPS: Introduction, Proclordtko, Revolt, RikumaruFierce16 days ago18m 59s
Score 658.47
4A Tank: Pryze Healer: Baelrah DPS: Hiricine, Lethiaa, MangeycroketAlone14 days ago19m 18s
Score 647.62
5GD Tank: Pryze Healer: Fynnian DPS: Hiricine, Privs, ShavokAlone18 days ago19m 23s
Score 644.69
6GD Tank: Eneia Healer: Klydasaurus DPS: Bloodzzul, Hiricine, PrivsAlone26 days ago19m 27s
Score 642.49
7GD Tank: Eneia Healer: Tiberriaa DPS: Bloodzzul, Mangeycroket, SellasAlone18 days ago19m 53s
Score 628.46
8GD Tank: Ellik Healer: Milk DPS: Bloodberry, Evangeline, RachelAvalon, Alone, Anime Blade17 days ago20m 5s
Score 622.22
9S Tank: Occam Healer: Jaimie DPS: Raidenwins, Sagetharin, TexConvert to Raid Ka.., Convert to Raid Omen, Gingers Dont Do Su.., Air11 days ago20m 27s
Score 611.01
10GD Tank: Proclordtko Healer: Mòm DPS: Bëëj, Rikumaru, UnfaircashAus der Traum, Fierce20 days ago21m 0s
Score 595.39
11GD Tank: Trigor Healer: Verzicht DPS: Colousslayer, Pandaelm, SoolrushUnrivaled17 days ago21m 4s
Score 593.43
12GD Tank: Lemnade Healer: Lembar DPS: Chamiou, Shishee, WheatsoloInsanity18 days ago21m 11s
Score 590.07
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