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US-Alterac Mountains Challenge Mode Runs, Gate of the Setting Sun

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Aldaric Healer: Lymitid DPS: Pixshot, Proprofile, SolsacraHere for your CM t..6 months ago8m 12s
2 Tank: Aldaric Healer: Lymitid DPS: Golbat, Proprofile, SolsacraVillains, Here for your CM t..6 months ago9m 49s
3 Tank: Taurenformer Healer: Eitheror DPS: Awbee, Karzhul, PikaThe BrewMasters6 months ago11m 7s
4 Tank: Sahja Healer: Taylorswiftx DPS: Buzzworthy, Lantano, RennokGrimm15 days ago11m 12s
5 Tank: Siviir Healer: Valantia DPS: Foundations, Genjii, UltraxionVirtue10 months ago11m 13s
6 Tank: Kentikosfren Healer: Seatbelts DPS: Fizzbetch, Jeanjacket, OuchhyRekaku Heights19 days ago11m 36s
7 Tank: Soiledmyself Healer: Rehsumtar DPS: Hatluz, Keeplin, OcaloMalevolent, The Darkness Below5 months ago11m 43s
8 Tank: Varrkk Healer: Rithraem DPS: Amphi, Baotho, Suvaomnipotent, peaceful skeleton ..7 months ago11m 45s
9 Tank: Timmysan Healer: Golddrago, Steeldrago DPS: Capõ, RoymixNurfed1 year ago11m 45s
10 Tank: Rageforged Healer: Juicyfroot DPS: Bloodyshamân, Drenritàrk, HatluzThe Darkness Below, Massacre Scene4 months ago11m 57s
11 Tank: Johnna Healer: Rayne DPS: Periculum, Platypuss, UltracastWinter1 year ago11m 58s
12 Tank: Honnse Healer: Orbitor DPS: Darkshaman, Oraland, PhattÿSerious Business, Rode a Pale Horse11 months ago11m 59s
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