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Remember, after you have killed a boss, couple of your raid members should exit to the character selection screen in order to update Armory
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US-Aman'Thul Challenge Mode Runs, Scarlet Monastery

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Lilgirlswag Healer: Dutchruderx DPS: Markpwns, Onlybeast, ShrenkN K, On The Map5 months ago8m 21s
2 Tank: Jaylee Healer: Oxygen DPS: Bowgan, Gingèy, LightsJGZ ft World, N K, Desire, Startled9 months ago8m 41s
3 Tank: Azulá Healer: Oxygen DPS: Gingèy, Jaysif, LightsDestruction, N K, JGZ ft World, Startled10 months ago8m 44s
4 Tank: Jaylee Healer: Oxygen DPS: Bowgan, Gingèy, GèminiJGZ ft World, N K, Desire4 months ago8m 48s
5 Tank: Azulá Healer: Mòón DPS: Invinsible, Jaÿ, LightsDestruction, JGZ ft World, Startled8 months ago9m 21s
6 Tank: Azulá Healer: Mòón DPS: Jaÿ, Lights, RetusDestruction, JGZ ft World, Startled, Malevolent8 months ago9m 23s
7 Tank: Jaylee Healer: Frymii DPS: Gingèy, Grei, LightsJGZ ft World, BEERBEER, Startled10 months ago9m 23s
8 Tank: Karace Healer: Frymii DPS: Jaÿ, Lights, ZandrintJGZ ft World, Startled, Lost Inquisition10 months ago9m 26s
9 Tank: Jaylee Healer: Oxygen DPS: Gingèy, Karzana, ValdayneJGZ ft World, N K10 months ago9m 29s
10 Tank: Karace Healer: Lolbubbles DPS: Blondië, Dkjay, JoocycropJGZ ft World1 year ago9m 41s
11 Tank: Jaylee Healer: Mòón DPS: Bowgan, Espíritu, LightsJGZ ft World, Desire, knights of the dar.., Startled6 months ago9m 48s
12 Tank: Ladles Healer: Mòón DPS: Jaÿ, Phord, SaphearahDesire, JGZ ft World2 months ago9m 49s
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