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US Challenge Mode Runs, Temple of the Jade Serpent

RankParty SetupGuildTime
13 Tank: Healer: DPS: MadryelRazzia2 years ago7m 6s
14 Tank: Healer: DPS: 1 year ago7m 23s
15 Tank: Healer: DPS: Selindae, Walshy2 years ago7m 23s
16 Tank: Kovak Healer: Makingbacon DPS: Marsyy, XarastraszaAscension2 years ago7m 26s
17 Tank: Healer: DPS: BlkfacedmageEasy2 years ago7m 30s
18 Healer: DPS: Dutte, ElciaraRuthless, Honestly1 year ago7m 30s
19 Tank: Healer: DPS: Infiniteloop, MadryelRazzia2 years ago7m 37s
20 Tank: Amaranchia Healer: Scrubpakt DPS: LeothariusDivinìty, Divinity1 year ago7m 39s
21 Tank: Mes Healer: DPS: RainbowmezxCandyland2 years ago7m 42s
22 Tank: Healer: DPS: Infiniteloop, MadryelRazzia2 years ago7m 45s
23 Tank: Swix Healer: Kevinz DPS: Rammysvodka2 years ago7m 45s
24 Tank: Healer: Washuwa DPS: Margatroid, Vyralsíd, YamelitWe Know Nothing, El Exilio, Huge in Peru1 year ago7m 45s
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