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US-Connected Doomhammer Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Bamboözled Healer: Angellinea DPS: Broxiar, Burgertwo, DrtargetBloodlust3 days ago21m 1s
Score 594.95
2A Tank: Samiam Healer: Sylester DPS: Alanyc, Slyght, VentiCrisp15 days ago21m 41s
Score 576.63
3GD Tank: Roone Healer: Layotees DPS: Cocanina, Cyx, ImpactRuination, Malice Aforethought4 days ago24m 11s
Score 516.84
4TE Tank: Iker Healer: Oldero DPS: Aestra, Didlah, PlethoraWe Have a Tabard13 days ago25m 5s
Score 498.35
5A Tank: Kontaminate Healer: Oldero DPS: Aestra, Beefe, DidlahWe Have a Tabard15 days ago27m 36s
Score 453.03
6TE Tank: Alveia Healer: Kezak DPS: Aestra, Olichius, XzemptWe Have a Tabard8 days ago27m 59s
Score 446.69
7GD Tank: Taverius Healer: Applebottoms DPS: Kamilaa, Murail, SkultSACRED9 days ago28m 13s
Score 443.03
8GD Tank: Alveia Healer: Kezak DPS: Aestra, Xzempt, YiffehWe Have a Tabard10 days ago28m 53s
Score 432.73
9GD Tank: Khaelon Healer: Avragonsia DPS: Tharckos, Togglehiem, ßigsamLimit Break4 days ago30m 27s
Score 410.45
10S Tank: Iker Healer: Oldero DPS: Aestra, Didlah, HawzWe Have a Tabard12 days ago33m 48s
Score 369.87
11A Tank: Samifist Healer: Jinalla DPS: Divistrasz, Tetrarch, VespinCrisp15 days ago33m 50s
Score 369.52
12S Tank: Bamboözled Healer: Möögle DPS: Burgertwo, Dalamar, FuzzypâwzBloodlust11 days ago33m 51s
Score 369.21
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