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US-Connected Icecrown Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Draakken DPS: Boltin, Farore, OrionidVindicatum10 months ago12m 35s
Score 993.04
2GD Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Gopherchaos DPS: Korasi, ShiftybangerVindicatum, Hello Kitty Club, Acceptable Losses7 months ago12m 52s
Score 971.45
3S Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Draakken DPS: Boltinqt, Farore, OrionidVindicatum10 months ago13m 3s
Score 958.06
4GD Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Draakken DPS: Magetan, Scp, ZybVindicatum3 months ago13m 5s
Score 955.09
5GD Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Tyloriah DPS: Farore, Kyrpa, SyrynityVindicatum7 months ago13m 31s
Score 924.50
6GD Tank: Tailented Healer: Bear DPS: Bromor, Parix, RaicReminiscence10 months ago13m 32s
Score 923.10
7GD Tank: Dreamwaddle Healer: DPS: ArrowVindicatum1 year ago13m 36s
Score 919.03
8GD Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Autisimus DPS: Law, Racialzx, SymmetryVindicatum, Reminiscence, Let the Memes be d.., Titans Judgment21 day ago13m 38s
Score 916.44
9SBG Tank: Pajamajacks Healer: Clarity DPS: Gophershot, Murph, ScootieVindicatum, Hello Kitty Club, the boy who cried ..10 months ago13m 40s
Score 914.16
10GD Tank: Linc Healer: Najayra DPS: Caliane, Nightbutter, PoofyfootLightbearer9 months ago13m 42s
Score 912.73
11GD Tank: Onzay Healer: Raithor DPS: Guavas, Sin, TrajedyTribute, Vindicatum1 year ago13m 44s
Score 910.63
12GD Tank: Rilnok Healer: Nebula DPS: Adobi, Elsmasher, PerhapsReminiscence10 months ago13m 48s
Score 906.14
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