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US-Connected Nagrand Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
RankParty SetupGuildTime
13GD Tank: Nuliaj Healer: Jaely DPS: Corjin, Finadama, SylenceEx Tenebra, Honk If Your Hordey7 months ago12m 28s
Score 1002.22
14GD Tank: Rendfang Healer: Gunth DPS: Cursed, Frootjuice, SickrackWindburst, Soup, Sublimity7 months ago12m 30s
Score 1000.63
15GD Tank: Jab Healer: Calbui DPS: Kiral, Proee, SuchoFlaccid7 months ago12m 30s
Score 1000.11
16GD Tank: Yesmamm Healer: Leafa DPS: Altherran, RevoraRegios9 months ago12m 38s
Score 990.06
17S Tank: Healer: DPS: Tayswiftqt1 year ago12m 41s
Score 985.91
18A Tank: Onatara DPS: Ihatewod, Pelicans, Skono, TrickelVita Obscura, Rivaled, Metal Mìlitia, Zen1 month ago12m 44s
Score 981.74
19S Tank: Vörn Healer: Rideabull DPS: Bulwàrk, Primex, RaspareHorde Side of the ..11 months ago12m 54s
Score 968.62
20S Tank: Morgaze Healer: Manax DPS: Box, Duvly, LunaqtxoDark Evolution, me and my kazoo4 months ago12m 57s
Score 964.65
21GD Tank: Ray Healer: DPS: Andy, Nnesic, ZacBest Guild Ever, Sublimity1 year ago13m 8s
Score 951.87
22ID Tank: Morgaze Healer: Manax DPS: Dsylexiccutn, Duvly, Lunaqtxome and my kazoo2 months ago13m 8s
Score 951.46
23GD Tank: Onatara Healer: Ahz DPS: Pelicans, Scrotes, TuneVita Obscura, Metal Mìlitia, Rivaled2 months ago13m 10s
Score 949.92
24GD Tank: Onatara Healer: Quaterpounce DPS: Dwnsy, Overrogue, WenzilbunkVita Obscura, Volatile, Overworked and Und..9 days ago13m 18s
Score 940.36
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