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US-Connected Perenolde Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Hóngo Healer: Tróx DPS: Ayý, Firenovas, InhumanChallenge Mode Sales4 months ago10m 17s
Score 1215.27
2S Tank: Hóngo DPS: Ayý, Firenovas, Inhuman, TróxChallenge Mode Sales4 months ago10m 28s
Score 1195.17
3ID Tank: Hóngo DPS: Ayý, Firenovas, Inhuman, TróxChallenge Mode Sales4 months ago11m 46s
Score 1062.38
4GD Tank: Tythal Healer: Pockét DPS: Natrot, Potatodps, SilnceThe Army of Light6 months ago12m 49s
Score 975.49
5GD Tank: Drmcmonk Healer: Ashel DPS: Alisha, Moltac, NujaDirtyLilHorde4 months ago13m 2s
Score 959.01
6GD Tank: Karandras Healer: Vorluun DPS: Dunbur, Huntingnoobs, RentrenusB r o t h e r h o .., Leviathan17 days ago13m 5s
Score 955.24
7GD Tank: Tythal Healer: Najena DPS: Marivelle, Silnce, WatashockAscendance, Little Willies, Kith and Kin9 months ago13m 8s
Score 951.22
8GD Tank: Screaminwife Healer: Laber DPS: Arrow, Kungfustix, ValinianStyle, Faith in Arms1 year ago13m 12s
Score 947.33
9GD Tank: Destructoee Healer: Doxis DPS: Norix, Ravenlight, ShivalrousKith and Kin, Inexorable11 days ago13m 14s
Score 944.14
10GD Tank: Zanandre Healer: Yazz DPS: Dexxy, Neiklot, VollCrisis Management1 month ago13m 17s
Score 941.21
11GD Tank: Zanandre Healer: Salinor DPS: Lown, Meekkuh, SoziliciousCrisis Management11 months ago13m 20s
Score 936.96
12GD Tank: Drmcmonk Healer: Ashel DPS: Athazar, Càllo, ShublienDirtyLilHorde4 months ago13m 28s
Score 928.60
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