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US-Connected Shadowmoon Challenge Mode Runs

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1MS Tank: Bloodcarnage Healer: Yzbuj DPS: Dtothep, Juxtapoze, MirajellyScrubs in the Atmo.., Daybreak13 hours ago9m 57s
2MS Tank: Mini Healer: Ethernet DPS: Byg, Jean, UnanythingGroup Therapy, Justified Diligence5 days ago11m 6s
3MS Tank: Poonasaurqt Healer: Dirtmcdirt DPS: Boycott, Guinearaptor, OnjixlolPvEasy8 days ago11m 11s
4MS Tank: Imzaw Healer: Dirtmcdirt DPS: Boycott, Kiritoe, PleoPvEasy, Risen, Loot The Core Hòund6 days ago11m 55s
5MS Tank: Onjixlol Healer: Dirtmcdirt DPS: Boycott, Jackalz, LourdenPvEasy, Beauty Of Death14 days ago11m 58s
6MS Tank: Wsedfgghj Healer: Theun DPS: Eatmyblade, Highkey, XanzAfro Ninjas8 days ago12m 0s
7MS Tank: Achilleous Healer: Brutalfest DPS: Dkeh, Krikz, ShìftzBone Apple Tea, Kentucky Fried Con.., Valhalla8 days ago12m 25s
8MS Tank: Avenblade Healer: Scruffier DPS: Garyfknoak, Melgibsona, YazukiGG inc, Big Dumb Guild1 month ago12m 33s
9MS Tank: Àncalagon Healer: Rodsley DPS: Justus, Magellan, WãmmySubstance, Suffer, Bamboo14 days ago12m 38s
10MS Tank: Wankerism Healer: Slern DPS: Keachiyoshi, Mile, PanthildaTriCities, Warrior Nation1 month ago12m 41s
11MS Tank: Akimarcus Healer: Duskmoon DPS: Creedo, Nelonon, SquishykatsoLution, Misfits of Lordaeron22 days ago12m 47s
12MS Tank: Onjixlol Healer: Dirtmcdirt DPS: Adahlia, Boycott, TarvenPvEasy14 days ago12m 48s
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