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US-Connected Shu'halo Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1A Tank: Phyrr Healer: Valkarion DPS: Crymoar, Poonther, TruckedOrigin1 month ago23m 10s
Score 539.50
2GD Tank: Thievz Healer: Poonther DPS: Crymoar, Heäthcliff, JackcarvêrOrigin1 month ago23m 29s
Score 532.39
3TE Tank: Thievz Healer: Poonther DPS: Chiggmo, Crymoar, HeäthcliffOrigin1 month ago24m 8s
Score 517.89
4A Tank: Flabutt, Xeriira Healer: Psychomantis DPS: Meltonn, ParadiesSonic Death Monkey1 month ago29m 10s
Score 428.57
5A Tank: Thievz Healer: Kualahska DPS: Crymoar, Forestfire, TrünksOrigin1 month ago32m 54s
Score 380.01
6A Tank: Jellyroll Healer: Taeryyn DPS: Darkfade, Kaine, KhaossossossFlavor of the Month1 month ago38m 7s
Score 327.93
7GD Tank: Blocky Healer: Taeryyn DPS: Darkfade, Khaossossoss, OhanaFlavor of the Month, Sacred Destiny1 month ago40m 16s
Score 310.39
8GD Tank: Blackhero Healer: Union DPS: Chipetan, Desvadue, KnücklezOrigin, We Like Purple1 month ago41m 54s
Score 298.27
9GD Tank: Clandi Healer: Scootstein DPS: Nagayoshi, Saber, TerrormongerCryptic, Soulstrike1 month ago42m 18s
Score 295.55
10SBG Tank: Silentmic Healer: Crouchingcow DPS: Androbolic, Deadsanta, KarloxeShow me your Noobs1 month ago42m 30s
Score 294.12
11GD Tank: Xicutioner Healer: Chaotictotem DPS: Jáckbláck, Nexonius, UnholyriderA L I A S1 month ago42m 39s
Score 293.10
12GD Tank: Kenzly Healer: Healingspree DPS: Feetypajamas, Playground, SilverlightUncharted Union, Good Eats, Wings of Dawn, Phoenix Horizon1 month ago44m 35s
Score 280.34
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