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US-Connected Terenas Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Luminal, Quìche DPS: Neer, Pattern, SchwarzerainKorKron of Shadowm.., Attack Squad, Renegades24 days ago9m 25s
Score 1327.99
2SBG Tank: Hongó, Quìche DPS: Neer, Pattern, VedonSomething Novel, Attack Squad1 month ago10m 53s
Score 1148.31
3GD Tank: Theloki Healer: Repertoir DPS: Bozzor, Coro, DrowUno Mas, Evolution6 months ago12m 4s
Score 1036.34
4GD Tank: Reiyuka Healer: Blossóm DPS: Rotojakz, Shinoboo, WarnedValhalla Awaits, Random BG Heroes, Primal Fury29 days ago12m 17s
Score 1017.88
5GD Tank: Chifu Healer: Holyvengance DPS: Cheiru, Etherial, HyperiaxLegend5 months ago12m 26s
Score 1005.33
6GD Tank: Hóngo DPS: Emosey, Koodi, Neer, PatternSomething Novel, LNC, Attack Squad1 month ago12m 38s
Score 989.90
7GD Tank: Dataknight Healer: Gruyere DPS: Antelope, Songi, ZultanWhisper For Nudes, Out of Exile3 months ago12m 43s
Score 982.62
8GD Tank: Kentavious Healer: Clawnorder DPS: Etherial, Icias, JustaphaseShadows Within, Legend, Avatars of Virtue14 hours ago12m 56s
Score 966.86
9GD Tank: Phistor Healer: Akiihisa DPS: Biggersteve, Gartush, StubyscuzGnome Ravagers, The Unresolved, The Exiled7 months ago12m 58s
Score 964.47
10S Tank: Hóngo Healer: Emosey DPS: Koodi, Neer, PatternSomething Novel, LNC, Attack Squad1 month ago12m 58s
Score 964.00
11GD Tank: Iamlorde Healer: Gruyere DPS: Antelope, Chickenbomb, ZultanOut of Exile4 months ago12m 58s
Score 963.94
12S Tank: Kentavious Healer: Holyvengance DPS: Cheiru, Etherial, TeraxoShadows Within, Legend, Radiance7 months ago13m 8s
Score 951.21
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