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US-Connected Trollbane Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Bagthar Healer: Truebelieber DPS: Digsites, Guus, PokeadotNameless, Business Class5 days ago19m 23s
Score 644.89
2GD Tank: Nyarlatohtep Healer: Boseiju DPS: Dethigar, Mindrot, OopaStonards Mentality4 days ago25m 31s
Score 489.83
3S Tank: Tbevv Healer: Deathgodarya DPS: Corexar, Guus, PokeadotBusiness Class, Big Damage12 days ago25m 50s
Score 483.90
4SBG Tank: Savior Healer: Blazedcow DPS: Guus, Koromori, PokeadotIsopaleocopria, North, Business Class8 days ago26m 25s
Score 473.05
5GD Tank: Rockandroll Healer: Yinjú DPS: Asheswho, Macdeezil, SectsGrumpy Old Hit Pro.., Ashes10 days ago26m 39s
Score 468.95
6TE Tank: Savior Healer: Rej DPS: Guus, Koromori, PokeadotIsopaleocopria, Damage Control, Business Class8 days ago27m 49s
Score 449.37
7A Tank: Ireni Healer: Ayeron DPS: Inthestone, Mariele, TrucyLogHorizon15 days ago28m 3s
Score 445.68
8GD Tank: Caliatta Healer: Wyntar DPS: Crowspike, Holyypally, TyíaNeurotic10 days ago29m 0s
Score 431.04
9A Tank: Padfoote Healer: Zynja DPS: Digsites, Mcmooney, PokeadotBusiness Class14 days ago29m 39s
Score 421.65
10GD Tank: Nyarlatohtep Healer: Rânick DPS: Deceptive, Oopa, RastaclatMerely a Setback, Stonards Mentality, Nomad9 days ago29m 48s
Score 419.45
11TE Tank: Krieg Healer: Kobe DPS: Aretoo, Azuregoz, CorexarBusiness Class13 days ago30m 53s
Score 404.65
12GD Tank: Einsiedler Healer: Smokingtree DPS: Atlamillia, Mindrot, WeenogStonards Mentality3 days ago31m 17s
Score 399.59
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