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US-Connected Velen Challenge Mode Runs, Scarlet Monastery

PvE Realm
RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Edeese Healer: Manbeartwig DPS: Doofer, VictiniAscension, Has Bad Intentions2 years ago9m 9s
2 Tank: Edeese Healer: DPS: Chalkley, Pånzer, VictiniAscension1 year ago9m 53s
3 Tank: Edeese Healer: Manbeartwig DPS: Victini, Zach, ZorjordAscension2 years ago10m 2s
4 Tank: Edeese Healer: Sphínx DPS: JenekAscension2 years ago10m 13s
5 Tank: Edeese Healer: DPS: Chalkley, Victini, ZorjordAscension2 years ago10m 26s
6 Tank: Edeese Healer: DPS: Pâperkat, Shuckx, VictiniAscension1 year ago10m 48s
7 Tank: Edeese Healer: DPS: Shockolate, ShuckxAscension1 year ago10m 49s
8 Tank: Bootybop Healer: DPS: Cryophillic, Derpchamp, Mullder1 year ago11m 4s
9 Tank: Katyperrys Healer: DPS: Destynee, MonøxideRaiders of Destiny1 year ago11m 8s
10 Tank: Etox Healer: Druith DPS: Drogbå, Nidzy, VelliyWhy You Heff to be.., Reign, First Regiment3 years ago11m 8s
11 Tank: Bill Healer: Wonk DPS: Duroar, Incendía, LuminallisHas Bad Intentions2 years ago11m 15s
12 Tank: Raduo DPS: Blob, Karsteck, NarlokAddicted3 years ago11m 23s
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