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US-Connected Zuluhed Challenge Mode Runs

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1MS Tank: Healer: Voidshift DPS: Ariuc, Shubs, WoundmanReign of Fire20 days ago11m 33s
2MS Tank: Tokta Healer: Euphoric DPS: Dippindotts, Kegs, MajixSimple Math14 days ago12m 1s
3MS Tank: Chasmsbro Healer: Nozna DPS: Droidelta, Kazzuu, KianverathDalaran Fire Depar.., vv12 days ago12m 18s
4MS Tank: Mÿt Healer: Synapses DPS: Dakxter, Igottakillu, SerrotRecognize, Justified Diligence, The Silent Circle14 days ago12m 34s
5MS Tank: Warglaives Healer: Jackjackson DPS: Bozam, Clownboats, KrakenclubBlips and Chitz, Unlucky, Limit20 days ago12m 54s
6DT Tank: Dizmar Healer: Notbloodlust DPS: Gazkaash, Ghilliesuit, Warfarrevv4 days ago13m 8s
7MS Tank: Jaesudan Healer: Fairykiss DPS: Orcishvolcal, Snowsnake, ThrillidanThe Horde Empire13 days ago13m 25s
8MS Tank: Wickedknight Healer: Strawberrí DPS: Metrik, Philosophic, TelidraTwo Steps From Hell11 days ago13m 36s
9MS Tank: Voices Healer: Murdokes DPS: Balrob, Catalystx, DensaloSocially Selective, GOLDEN GODS1 month ago13m 50s
10MS Tank: Brunessai Healer: Weleroth DPS: Hh, Pv, WyåttOnly Death, Asmodeus Destroyers, End of Days5 days ago13m 51s
11DT Tank: Kielanlan Healer: Murdokes DPS: Barcode, Catalystx, DensaloGOLDEN GODS12 days ago14m 19s
12MS Tank: Oopsurdead Healer: Rizzoo DPS: Aristeaus, Foulshot, MylìaWizards Never Die20 days ago14m 29s
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