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US-Doomhammer Challenge Mode Runs

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1S Tank: Raei Healer: Aetaxlol DPS: Checkrs, Gekyo, WugzlyMonths Behind, Famiglia di Ythrl, Bløødsong, We Have a Tabard1 month ago11m 39s
Score 163.15
2SH Tank: Dubious Healer: Sondi DPS: Azárias, Park, SkyewalkerShooting the Breeze, Wolfbane17 days ago9m 59s
Score 130.31
3SH Tank: Anguish Healer: Chantelle DPS: Dordoff, Kinvaril, LayoteesRuination1 year ago10m 7s
Score 128.40
4SH Tank: Saritharila Healer: Zurnox DPS: Lapua, Màlicious, TimorisWarfare, Lovely Coconuts, Synthesis, Cowaclysm11 months ago10m 11s
Score 127.65
5SM Tank: Kazburger Healer: Chantelle, Tsuk DPS: Decline, ZarjanaRuination1 year ago16m 32s
Score 127.06
6SM Tank: Saritharila Healer: Elcapa DPS: Hornady, Màlicious, VerelyseWarfare, Cowaclysm, Lovely Coconuts, Synthesis, Funk11 months ago16m 41s
Score 125.89
7TJS Tank: Kazburger Healer: Chantelle DPS: Decline, Tsuk, ZarjanaRuination11 months ago12m 1s
Score 124.81
8SH Tank: Dubious Healer: Sondi DPS: Memories, Neffi, ShootShooting the Breeze, Knights of Winters..1 month ago10m 35s
Score 122.91
9SH Tank: Nethrin Healer: Wasteoftoon DPS: Oogand, Spellsteall, ZankuroTimeless, Lovely Coconuts10 months ago10m 35s
Score 122.74
10SH Tank: Briara Healer: Quil DPS: Galnd, Hexxan, VisandusRelic4 months ago10m 38s
Score 122.21
11SM Tank: Urfaec Healer: Tsulongtea DPS: Aestra, Bloodmasta, InevitablyWe Have a Tabard, Ruination7 months ago17m 12s
Score 122.08
12SM Tank: Bloodpool Healer: Sondi DPS: Kojack, Nezen, PerplexedShooting the Breeze, Knights of Winters..24 days ago17m 14s
Score 121.80
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