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US-Doomhammer Challenge Mode Runs, Temple of the Jade Serpent

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Kazburger Healer: Chantelle DPS: Decline, Tsuk, ZarjanaRuination6 months ago12m 1s
2 Tank: Darkpilgrim Healer: Neróx DPS: Hornady, Timoris, UnfiaRuination, Cowaclysm, Deal With It, Lovely Coconuts3 months ago12m 38s
3 Tank: Antharal Healer: Machnik DPS: Kesliana, Sydenn, WaveletAzure Knights6 months ago12m 58s
4 Tank: Anguish Healer: Chantelle DPS: Dordoff, Kinvaril, TsukRuination11 months ago13m 2s
5 Tank: Exetress Healer: Keemun DPS: Bluepants, Jini, KontaminateRuination3 months ago13m 22s
6 Tank: Caedwyr Healer: Cure DPS: Eitarou, Khajo, ShayaleeNOPE NOPE NOPE3 months ago13m 37s
7 Tank: Kazburger Healer: Chantelle DPS: Bluepants, Layotees, PlethoraRuination, We Have a Tabard11 months ago13m 44s
8 Tank: Nethrin Healer: Moonnshine DPS: Oogand, Spellsteall, ZankuroCowaclysm, Lovely Coconuts, Timeless5 months ago13m 50s
9 Tank: Launen Healer: Losefury DPS: Isabellah, Mythdirn, WewbzUnsatisfied, Goodwill Gamers, Foundation1 month ago13m 55s
10 Tank: Anguish Healer: Chantelle DPS: Layotees, Schaltung, ZarjanaRuination11 months ago13m 58s
11 Tank: Decapa Healer: Moonnshine DPS: Amdusias, Lapua, RedrikkCowaclysm, Lovely Coconuts, One Last Stand, Ghouls Gone Wild6 months ago14m 0s
12 Tank: Mollari Healer: Buklau DPS: Osis, Psyka, SukhatUnsatisfied, Terra Promessa10 months ago14m 14s
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