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US-Earthen Ring Challenge Mode Runs

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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Thaddiús Healer: Nozomi DPS: Hellamental, Shizuha, StoutmaneSilent Legions, Fusion6 days ago14m 16s
2 Tank: Slyhero Healer: Merewyn DPS: Bunnys, Pyagon, RelaxedAsmodeus Destroyers3 days ago14m 37s
3 Tank: Slyhero Healer: Pyagon DPS: Bunnys, Raanron, SoulkepperrAsmodeus Destroyers, Edgy16 hours ago15m 10s
4 Tank: Slyhero Healer: Pyagon DPS: Bunnys, Deathrune, RelaxedAsmodeus Destroyers, Ascendant22 hours ago15m 41s
5 Tank: Nysti Healer: Healingme DPS: Bradymage, Dragus, MarblecakeTheOtherSide, MANDATORY FUN, Destinys Bane5 days ago16m 5s
6 Tank: Doomdëmon Healer: Maethrya DPS: Healaryclint, Iànocto, MarrexxLunatic Friends20 hours ago16m 23s
7 Tank: Thaddiús Healer: Popeira DPS: Cols, Muymuy, ShizuhaSilent Legions, Excellency4 days ago16m 49s
8 Tank: Yveral Healer: Miste DPS: Names, Sarnox, ShubshubsHammer and Ale23 hours ago17m 6s
9 Tank: Desk Healer: Healek DPS: Hotari, Kawyg, SchnarfNeechan and Friends, Servos de Cthulhu2 days ago17m 34s
10 Tank: Carensa Healer: Ishi DPS: Chibester, Cylara, JarunVictory or Whatever, Friends and Lovers, Ashes of the Dawn2 days ago17m 39s
11 Tank: Cydl Healer: Thejadedraco DPS: Animalitey, Chymure, NormyIntangible, Predominant1 day ago17m 43s
12 Tank: Snuh Healer: Nephthsys DPS: Giatz, Haiyah, TanstinSacred2 days ago17m 50s
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