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US-Frostmourne Challenge Mode Runs, Gate of the Setting Sun

PvP Realm
RankParty SetupGuildTime
13 Tank: Notruneheal Healer: Dorfie DPS: Peterfiles, Selzar, TácóHonestly1 year ago7m 49s
14 Tank: Gearcarry Healer: Venttii DPS: Axedbow, Incepta, Wizwhte gurls with co.., Classic1 year ago7m 55s
15 Tank: Lòtùs Healer: Finalifeline DPS: Fingerlights, Gitters, PeanutxoTea and WoW1 year ago7m 57s
16 Tank: Gearcarry Healer: Gregoryhouse DPS: Incepta, Poandarrows, Sadisticwhte gurls with co.., Ruthless2 years ago8m 2s
17 Tank: Gearcarry, Sûbby Healer: Venttii DPS: Axedbow, Dutwhte gurls with co..1 year ago8m 7s
18 Tank: Gearcarry Healer: Venttii DPS: Dexite, Dutte, Kerdwhte gurls with co.., Classic, Ruthless1 year ago8m 9s
19 Tank: Xanderpanda Healer: Sarmet DPS: Cordia, Gulpfrog, LjSet to Mystic, Symphony1 year ago8m 16s
20 Tank: Gearcarry Healer: Venttii DPS: Aistriu, Dutte, Inceptawhte gurls with co.., Ruthless1 year ago8m 22s
21 Tank: Pegiwar Healer: Seckzi DPS: Holygun, Noizestorm, SelediAPABT2 years ago8m 27s
22 Tank: Xandermort Healer: Shima DPS: Rekuja, Rngmonster, SatanïcJäger, Defy1 year ago8m 28s
23 Tank: Nootknight Healer: Shima DPS: Inansu, Lj, PongazzJäger, Drop Bears1 year ago8m 30s
24 Tank: Gearcarry Healer: Venttii DPS: Apathist, Axedbow, Dutwhte gurls with co.., Eternity1 year ago8m 31s
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