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US-Hyjal Challenge Mode Runs, Stormstout Brewery

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: TotemhoagTF, Forgotten Aspects1 year ago7m 52s
2 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: Nietzsche, TotemhoagTF, Crown, Forgotten Aspects1 year ago8m 5s
3 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: Bananas, TotemhoagTF, Forgotten Aspects, Raidtards1 year ago8m 7s
4 Tank: Romulo Healer: Branchout DPS: Guac, Nuuk, SchlechtTF2 years ago8m 13s
5 Tank: Healer: Celessti DPS: Foozex, MaulgromAntisocial Club, Disappointing Mini..1 year ago8m 27s
6 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: Alythria, TotemhoagTF, Vanguard of Ruinat.., Forgotten Aspects1 year ago8m 29s
7 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: Stkh, TotemhoagTF, Forgotten Aspects1 year ago8m 30s
8 Tank: Healer: Foozexz DPS: YukiáDeceived1 year ago8m 32s
9 Tank: Rsk Healer: Foozexz DPS: Sapyth, TotemhoagTF, One Last Stand, Forgotten Aspects1 year ago8m 36s
10 Tank: Phenom Healer: DPS: Meknoid, Shuiqi, StsemirhageTF, Nap Time, Forgotten Aspects1 year ago8m 37s
11 Tank: Hero Healer: Mysthesia DPS: Drakinthebox, Meknoid, PhenomNap Time, Spiritual Machines, TF1 year ago8m 38s
12 Tank: Healer: Foozexz DPS: Sakuru, ScissorzScions of Phyrexia, Antisocial Club1 year ago8m 40s
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