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US-Illidan Challenge Mode Runs

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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Greatwang Healer: Mosquitoer DPS: Jillvalen, Maimengfa, XalimawEclipsed, For the Dream6 days ago12m 35s
Score 993.58
2GD Tank: Greatwang Healer: Bigmomo DPS: Haowanpi, Strombow, WcnmbqjRequiem of the Pure, Hao Gong Hui, Umbrella Corp12 days ago12m 44s
Score 982.18
3GD Tank: Blizzhoof Healer: Aentreri DPS: Probability, Roakun, ShadowSummit21 day ago12m 44s
Score 981.70
4GD Tank: Rximodess Healer: Aissaelorine DPS: Gisabine, Holidoli, RaplekRadical Dreamers, cog, No Big Deal5 days ago12m 54s
Score 968.96
5GD Tank: Needskill Healer: Avadorexiti DPS: Gisabine, Nightbeef, NoobmageDante, cog, Forever Young NA, Let Me Super Carry..7 days ago13m 4s
Score 956.12
6GD Tank: Cloüd Healer: Aissaelorine DPS: Gisabine, Orzdumpling, RaplekHK Private Brasil, cog, Westeros7 days ago13m 8s
Score 952.22
7GD Tank: Greatwang Healer: Kioe DPS: Aizhy, Jeanacrush, RestoshamanShake Miracle, CelestialBeing, F L A W L E S S11 days ago13m 11s
Score 947.92
8GD Tank: Mopfe Healer: Hohomaid DPS: Nevermush, Oahoah, RockbelStyle1 month ago13m 16s
Score 942.72
9GD Tank: Tobiàs Healer: Aissaelorine DPS: Gisabine, Nakusarn, RaplekNight Prowlers, cog13 days ago13m 27s
Score 929.07
10GD Tank: Kinshar Healer: Ripnerd DPS: Konamuraa, Shoults, XibuEncore1 month ago13m 28s
Score 928.70
11GD Tank: Nachtwarrior Healer: Ermod DPS: Empirical, Imperial, MoothoraAngry, RoundTable21 day ago13m 33s
Score 922.28
12GD Tank: Orexxigo Healer: Classical DPS: Darkbloody, Gisabine, Raplekcog, Forever Young NA, TitanHorizon3 days ago13m 33s
Score 922.19
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