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US-Illidan Challenge Mode Runs, Mogu'shan Palace

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Vaelith Healer: Clamsoda DPS: Firewalled, Noxyn, ShoultsEncore, Team Dad8 months ago7m 19s
2 Tank: Krodac Healer: Borgis DPS: Bootylock, Steeleclipse, WinaowTopped Off, No Fun Allowed1 day ago8m 19s
3 Tank: Krodac Healer: Perpledaze DPS: Bigdtracerz, Crispier, WinaowTopped Off27 days ago8m 21s
4 Tank: Krodac Healer: Borgis DPS: Mauiheal, Synaide, WinaowTopped Off, Worthless, Council of Ballers2 days ago8m 35s
5 Tank: Krodac Healer: Borgis DPS: Midguard, Winaow, ZoremberTopped Off, D O M I N I O N2 days ago8m 44s
6 Tank: Krodac Healer: Perpledaze DPS: Haruchan, Heartless, WinaowTopped Off, United States of J..19 days ago8m 47s
7 Tank: Priceless Healer: Perp DPS: Angrysteel, Asterixx, FirionTopped Off, Trash Mob Death Ma.., Fused9 months ago8m 49s
8 Tank: Krodac Healer: Borgis, Patíent DPS: Wes, WinaowTopped Off, Nex Advenio13 days ago8m 57s
9 Tank: Priceless Healer: Jazzduck DPS: Angrysteel, Calebhunter, OilersFused, Topped Off, Angry, HerdOfBeaver4 months ago8m 59s
10 Tank: Bushes Healer: Rockerr DPS: Cleftylol, Felociity, GrouchTopped Off, Defenestrate, Oh We Fancy Huh1 year ago8m 59s
11 Tank: Verimonks Healer: Caleb DPS: Angrysteel, Pilledge, VâlkyrianTopped Off, Fused, Crunch2 months ago9m 4s
12 Tank: Aeliac Healer: Bereek DPS: Hirri, Newron, SlybelAccidentally27 days ago9m 5s
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