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US-Korgath Challenge Mode Runs

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1MS Tank: Orchardru Healer: Cynnetry DPS: Austindh, Ellev, ReknuzRe Lapse, Dark Twilight3 days ago10m 55s
2MS Tank: Nômack Healer: Monkzhuo DPS: Pervading, Tarzal, ZincoFilthy Casuals, Conflict Resolution, Super Girl Gamers xD2 days ago12m 30s
3MS Tank: Lorance Healer: Wildfashion DPS: Bunnywidagun, Capitol, ChipwhatDread3 days ago12m 41s
4MS Tank: Tempusbane Healer: Georgcocoony DPS: Caps, Dylbert, SemandemonSpecial Friends, Trigger Me Timbers, Common Courtesy19 hours ago13m 3s
5MS Tank: Struthgoat Healer: Wildfashion DPS: Capitol, Chipwhat, WannabeqteeDread4 days ago13m 14s
6MS Tank: Thyng Healer: Georgcocoony DPS: Ergdusu, Medinaa, SemandemonTFO, Trigger Me Timbers, Rebirth3 hours ago13m 36s
7MS Tank: Orchardru Healer: Yogiz DPS: Austindh, Völstagg, ZenbowsRe Lapse3 hours ago13m 59s
8MS Tank: Thyng Healer: Georgcocoony DPS: Hotandcold, Medinaa, SemandemonTFO, Trigger Me Timbers, Sunder3 hours ago14m 10s
9MS Tank: Jcstrat Healer: Suhgurl DPS: Issillian, Jstanotherdk, WoolsyX Guys and a Bear, Cross Continental2 days ago14m 11s
10MS Tank: Shandrazel Healer: Shabooke DPS: Davyn, Gilthemar, SçhmuckLoot Train3 days ago14m 14s
11MS Tank: Sweatbands Healer: Janitorheals DPS: Ilenia, Marithael, Nump4 days ago14m 19s
12MS Tank: Booi Healer: Yungwun DPS: Beryce, Guapwasabi, SporkyRe Lapse, Dsylxeic, The Salty Surprise2 hours ago14m 30s
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