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US-Mal'Ganis Challenge Mode Runs

PvP Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Secretlevel Healer: Preserve DPS: Karinexx, Overtrain, SlayermageVigil, Intent, Accelerate16 days ago12m 55s
Score 967.99
2GD Tank: Tetzsuro Healer: Swix DPS: Arriussx, Kevinx, ÐioVigil, we dem boyz, Pacifist18 days ago13m 18s
Score 940.32
3GD Tank: Tetzsuro Healer: Swix DPS: Arriussx, Blazez, ÐioVigil, we dem boyz, Pacifist, Hi my name is Boxxy15 days ago13m 22s
Score 934.67
4S Tank: Secretlevel Healer: Preserve DPS: Niix, Rtrain, SlayermageVigil, Intent, Semi Respectable10 days ago13m 26s
Score 931.00
5GD Tank: Secretlevel Healer: Preserve DPS: Arthelox, Projectswag, SlayermageVigil, Intent, Niflheim, Born In Blood8 days ago13m 38s
Score 917.28
6GD Tank: Ÿuno Healer: Spriing DPS: Antiplicity, Joru, PouncedDunk Squad4 days ago13m 41s
Score 913.29
7GD Tank: Crispiesz Healer: Charizard DPS: Cutiepie, Swaglordyolo, YouHeart of the Cards16 days ago13m 48s
Score 905.73
8GD Tank: Applepumpkin Healer: Cokoro DPS: Annalise, Gale, TuckerVintage17 hours ago13m 48s
Score 905.30
9GD Tank: Drpartypants Healer: Vulpix DPS: Bobthehealer, Chrlshansen, DonkerdariusMen At Work26 days ago13m 49s
Score 904.93
10GD Tank: Zealsies Healer: Vallkdr DPS: Brolandi, Itsyaboy, RealsmoothVigil, Heart of the Cards8 days ago13m 53s
Score 900.60
11GD Tank: Savior Healer: Steinuh DPS: Discotek, Wargy, ZorthyIsopaleocopria, AFK During Trash6 days ago13m 53s
Score 900.56
12GD Tank: Thetruealpha Healer: Goatmachine DPS: Gulanastik, Kobeblackorc, StarskeOverture16 days ago13m 54s
Score 899.73
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