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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1GD Tank: Kaveenqt Healer: Crsthormann DPS: Hewty, Intrepid, Ripinpiecezhey im mvp8 days ago9m 29s
Score 1318.66
2S Tank: Earl Healer: Walter DPS: Cecil, Howard, WinstonGamer dads5 days ago10m 6s
Score 1237.79
3S Tank: Earl Healer: Walter DPS: Cecil, Howard, WinstonGamer dads6 days ago10m 18s
Score 1213.74
4GD Tank: Sofabulous Healer: Gojo DPS: Equoowe, Haloozê, JarraResonate8 days ago10m 23s
Score 1203.43
5GD Tank: Healer: Livelordx DPS: Metawarrior, PhattitudeNo Maam Reloaded
9 hours ago10m 36s
Score 1179.36
6GD Tank: Sotasty Healer: Jarra DPS: Equoowe, Gojo, HaloozêResonate16 days ago10m 37s
Score 1177.82
7S Tank: Earl Healer: Walter DPS: Cecil, Howard, WinstonGamer dads19 days ago10m 41s
Score 1169.78
8GD Tank: Snugghouls Healer: Ondioline DPS: Fwiedwice, Morgan, ThadoctaLegacy Reborn, Influence8 days ago10m 50s
Score 1153.92
9GD Tank: Secretlevel Healer: Joeywinsly DPS: Overtrain, SlayermageVigil, Overture25 days ago10m 57s
Score 1141.93
10GD Tank: Ciri Healer: Porestar DPS: Dossouyo, Kams, PradadactylTHE FREE FURTY SOC.., Duality, Agents of S H I E ..1 month ago10m 57s
Score 1141.32
11GD Tank: Buttermilk Healer: Peanutqt DPS: Bezerkin, Ginger, StanEsprit, Slice of Paradise, Random Mayhem5 days ago11m 0s
Score 1136.56
12S Tank: Tlo DPS: Elcishift, Miirkat, Santø, TrashElevation, Mediocre at Best, hitler did nothing..4 days ago11m 1s
Score 1135.19
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