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US-Skywall Challenge Mode Runs, Gate of the Setting Sun

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Cmlordfiona Healer: Cmlordgrarr DPS: Cmlordcpz, Cmlordkhaz, CmlordtrogorCmlords Anonymous28 days ago8m 54s
2 Tank: Remaked Healer: Sanosagara DPS: Perico, Smimm, TinnersSacred Samophlange, HARMONY, Light Brigade1 year ago10m 44s
3 Tank: Vondo Healer: Cassara DPS: Dastard, Lazárus, RahaelDeath and Destruct.., Be Your True Mind24 days ago11m 59s
4 Tank: Vailnis Healer: Bullweevil DPS: Ezzinosa, Hamnurabi, SoláTherapy1 month ago12m 8s
5 Tank: Xuen Healer: Oric DPS: Abduakbar, Drab, DragAudacity12 days ago12m 17s
6 Tank: Mafiq Healer: Bobfu DPS: Cayde, Ishvara, ShalamanAudacity, Skywall Sentinels, Sereníty1 month ago12m 20s
7 Tank: Siuann Healer: Keats DPS: Ardent, Eavean, JodaxPawns of Prophecy4 months ago12m 23s
8 Tank: Oroweat Healer: Elementresto DPS: Clianton, Kelena, MarrxLight Brigade1 month ago12m 23s
9 Tank: Jazzhands Healer: Sanosagara DPS: Kolen, Perico, RacialsHARMONY, Light Brigade, Sacred Samophlange1 year ago12m 32s
10 Tank: Oroweat Healer: Elementresto DPS: Clianton, Marrx, NightelfdudLight Brigade28 days ago12m 32s
11 Tank: Kelaz Healer: Ripinpieces DPS: Kataylst, Mysticreaper, PinkytailsDauntless1 month ago12m 32s
12 Tank: Mafiq Healer: Bobfu DPS: Cayde, Hassa, ShalamanAudacity, Skywall Sentinels4 months ago12m 32s
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