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US-Stormrage Challenge Mode Runs, Temple of the Jade Serpent

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Mes Healer: Amity DPS: Neyzo, Rainbowmezx, XpyroCandyland, Before The Fall6 months ago7m 42s
2 Tank: Swix Healer: Kevinz DPS: Arriussx, Cupofsoupx, Rammysvodka6 months ago7m 45s
3 Tank: Swix Healer: Amity DPS: Arriussx, Cupofsoupx, Neyzovodka7 months ago8m 53s
4 Tank: Swix Healer: Amity DPS: Arriussx, Cupofsoupx, Neyzovodka7 months ago9m 5s
5 Tank: Trilithiumm Healer: Dazs DPS: Ariyana, Gudds, PotentiallyBlood Runs Cold, Death Jesters5 months ago9m 27s
6 Tank: Tetx Healer: Adamzero DPS: Cupofsoupx, Glitchmobbed, Rammysvodka6 months ago9m 32s
7 Tank: Tetx Healer: Adamz DPS: Kevinzye, Rammys, Stormsyvodka, Reforged4 days ago9m 33s
8 Tank: Tetx Healer: Adamz DPS: Arriussx, Juugs, Rammysvodka, Vindicatum6 months ago9m 43s
9 Tank: Tetx Healer: Kevinz DPS: Pandarriuss, Rammys, Ñålgåsvodka5 months ago9m 49s
10 Tank: Oakshaus Healer: Nordrasil DPS: Cowtippingg, Hardlikerock, MonkeyzeroPremeditated, Hypnotoad, Twisted, Blood Runs Cold1 year ago9m 52s
11 Tank: Tetx Healer: Marleficent DPS: Arriussx, Cupofsoupx, Sylviivodka1 month ago10m 3s
12 Tank: Tett Healer: Adamz DPS: Happygolucky, Kevinzye, Rammysvodka, Might and Magic11 days ago10m 9s
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