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US-Turalyon Challenge Mode Runs, Temple of the Jade Serpent

PvE Realm
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RankParty SetupGuildTime
1 Tank: Tenby Healer: Bahlrog DPS: Amx, Riae, TaeyonBrain Twerked Reset, Omerta, Aeonian Order, Neolutum1 month ago8m 7s
2 Tank: Xalerino Healer: Manlybeast DPS: Psychox, Xmd, XpyroSupermassive, Divinity, Before The Fall21 day ago8m 51s
3 Tank: Xalance Healer: Killy DPS: Ixcrossfire, Psychøsis, WindführerSupermassive9 months ago9m 59s
4 Tank: Selin Healer: Valcyn DPS: Epistaxis, Tengumilk, ZeitschleifeSacrifice, And My Imaginary F.., Project Casual13 days ago10m 17s
5 Tank: Psychosis Healer: Zalance DPS: Gaol, Hysterics, IxredfireSupermassive, The Vigilant Watch27 days ago10m 29s
6 Tank: Xalerino Healer: Manlybeast DPS: Baldir, Ixredfire, PsychøxSupermassive, Inept2 months ago10m 35s
7 Healer: Svenske DPS: Aantu, Aptorian, Athryn, GiradoSupermassive7 months ago10m 39s
8 Tank: Selin Healer: Valcyn DPS: Hormonex, Tengumilk, ZeitschleifeSacrifice, SLLE, Project Casual14 days ago10m 45s
9 Tank: Tenby Healer: Bahlrog, Gèézus DPS: Amx, RiaeBrain Twerked Reset, Omerta, Sacrosanct, Aeonian Order1 month ago10m 54s
10 Tank: Xalance Healer: Killy DPS: Pandemoni, Psychøx, TupacshockurSupermassive, Edin Aurorae5 months ago10m 55s
11 Tank: Novasan Healer: Vraalk DPS: Erripsìs, Expose, LayhugiesSynthesis, Blacklisted1 month ago11m 2s
12 Tank: Novasan Healer: Sarastro DPS: Erripsìs, Expose, VirusSynthesis1 month ago11m 3s
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