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EU-Connected Destromath Challenge Score

PvP Realm
24Qio (u)Night Conquers Day5497.37
25Kylixs (u)EpiC5496.29
26KríssyDown and Out5473.53
27Shâle (u)Frøntschweine5462.39
28Nemuria (lfg) 5454.02
29SelînchenDown and Out5431.56
30JunqfrauNobody loves Gnimo5407.52
31Healzangel 5404.65
32WarizLess Is More5389.49
33Zmq 5387.23
34Motzkopf (u) 5383.25
35NymphadorâDown and Out5371.82
36Eyu (u)Unic5369.31
37Aii (u) 5364.18
38KalathNobody loves Gnimo5355.59
39Zenkiki (u)Nobody loves Gnimo5355.59
40Ephrin (u)Nobody loves Gnimo5355.59
41PaínbreakerDown and Out5347.68
43Adestria 5341.79
44XordiaNocturnis Sanguinis5336.87
45Berserk (u) 5334.85
46TonksDown and Out5333.08
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