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US-Connected Spirestone Challenge Score

PvP Realm
24OrangieThe Bad and the Ugly5317.57
25TwerkunWicked Knights5307.60
26Shmadu (u)The Bad and the Ugly5305.52
27Vegemitez 5305.52
28Riyyah (u) 5276.13
29ShivraKeep Calm5267.04
30ShmuduThe Bad and the Ugly5262.54
31VegeemiteThe Bad and the Ugly5262.54
32QtThe Bad and the Ugly5262.54
33Moi (u)The Bad and the Ugly5262.54
34SerasKeep Calm5256.91
35NexemisKeep Calm5256.91
36DenatanisKeep Calm5256.91
37AerianeKeep Calm5256.91
38ColecaineeMalus Nexu5245.00
39YellThe Bad and the Ugly5231.23
40MisaThe Bad and the Ugly5231.23
41Baozimm 5219.84
42Hänk 5215.34
43Dk (u)The Bad and the Ugly5209.53
44VanshotThe Bad and the Ugly5206.18
45WhirkThe Bad and the Ugly5192.20
46Pastafactory 5190.51
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