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US-Connected Windrunner Challenge Score

PvE Realm
25Bowflex 5185.80
26AngelicHard In The Paint5156.31
27Always (u)Ring of Oütlaws5150.86
28ZoRing of Oütlaws5150.86
29EndariusRing of Oütlaws5150.86
31Sutra 5144.38
32VincentwongTake Me Home5123.50
33VirulencedQuesters Common5119.40
34Isäbêlla (u)Questers Common5119.40
35Primalfury (u)Questers Common5119.40
36Curthiany (u)Questers Common5119.40
37Arastasia (u)Questers Common5119.40
38Footdive (u)Hard In The Paint5117.21
39StressdHard In The Paint5117.21
40EvryHard In The Paint5117.21
41PoliteHard In The Paint5117.21
42Seasonz (u)Pandemonium5113.90
43Cheerios (u)Pandemonium5113.90
44Evan (u) 5113.90
45Applejacks (lfg)Pandemonium5113.90
46Chaoticfrost 5091.29
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