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TW-Sundown Marsh Character Leveling Rankings

PvP Realm
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1夜月溟Castle of Glass90
2夜影魅Castle of Glass90
3只有三十公分Castle of Glass90
4鄭點米吉Castle of Glass90
5夜神逆誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
6LifetimeCastle of Glass90
7PulsationCastle of Glass90
8NicknameCastle of Glass90
9ReliableCastle of Glass90
10閃光的異端誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
11提洛絲Castle of Glass90
12糖寶兒Castle of Glass90
13自游誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
14考拉熊寶寶誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
15可拉熊寶寶誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
16CynthilineCastle of Glass90
17Yellowpanda誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
18FollowerCastle of Glass90
19司空耶誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
20DefinitionCastle of Glass90
21熊鼎誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
22CynthiaroseCastle of Glass90
23牛肉包子誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠..90
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