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EU-Agamaggan Highest 2 man personal rating

PvP Realm
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1KalixWhy no love2,310
2Rhymez 2,124
3HoningzBloody Murder2,005
4AimexWhy no love1,886
5ImamenemameThe Brotherhood of..1,840
6SkipanSwoffs Merchant Or..1,801
7KillfastaA Player Of Games1,791
8ToppermcnabThe Corrupted1,774
9FeruzaWhy no love1,765
10SwoshWhy no love1,703
11GosurThe Brotherhood of..1,700
13RinkelixThe Inner Circle1,684
14Justbqt 1,682
15BenevolentThe Army of Darkness1,682
16BlóódImmoral Thunder1,621
17HemotionWhy no love1,594
18RoguezWhy no love1,576
19UrilTroublemakers in A..1,566
20NimdorWhy no love1,564
21DrexionTroublemakers in A..1,554
22ChinkytsoiChampion Of The Ho..1,539
23KomenasaiWhy no love1,535
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