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EU-Arathor Highest 5 man personal rating

PvE Realm
24InfantryI PVPD THE BED2,278
25Flamingolav 2,270
26Dewbiex 2,264
27WatchmegripThe Imperium2,263
28Djtipperqtxkenny and the Lads2,253
29Gables (u)kenny and the Lads2,222
30AncientdruidAlliance of Destiny2,220
31DjsenMystical Odour2,219
32TomtwoForged Souls2,218
33Naczar (u) 2,217
34Gamledragen 2,214
36JustrunawayThe Death Tribe2,204
37Buzzlite (u)Mythical Honour2,202
38SwgrlolMythical Honour2,202
39Pewpow 2,170
40Crimzon 2,131
41Ciertisk 2,127
42BrainlessForged Souls2,117
43ZoladinToo Stronk2,117
44Zolalolkenny and the Lads2,117
45FuryshockxLegends of Chaos2,115
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