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EU-Connected Arathor Total healing done

PvE Realm
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1KwaoConviction245,269 M
2Ynnáh (u)A Necessary Evil236,996 M
3Exbloder (u)A Necessary Evil209,995 M
4LyxAzys174,977 M
5RathhalA Necessary Evil170,166 M
6Nivlheim (u)A Necessary Evil152,365 M
7WaakDivine Retribution137,988 M
8Rynamite (u)Curse of Years137,440 M
9EldariélCrusaders of Honor136,567 M
10CapoteAzys132,711 M
11Swefy (u)Omnislash132,072 M
12Tuwa (u)Curse of Years126,448 M
13ArugaalA Necessary Evil125,209 M
14RundingoOmnislash123,412 M
15CaynnorReckless Mortals120,960 M
16TidesAzys118,280 M
17TaldrinCrusaders of Honor117,442 M
18Paladiller (u)Csodaszarvas116,179 M
19EchimanA Necessary Evil113,553 M
20Yurak (u)Conviction112,163 M
21GrimdaleThe Clan110,054 M
22KithyCrusaders of Honor107,646 M
23RashirConviction107,608 M
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