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EU-Connected Destromath Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Luîe (u)Unic567,006 M
2Kennif (u)Warum ich euch Hasse508,247 M
3Shantypana (u)Down and Out438,760 M
4Narix (u)Frøntschweine420,534 M
5Daoka (u)Nobody loves Gnimo418,816 M
6SnurpCore364,653 M
7Lorîanna (u)Seraphim330,542 M
8RealtiabroNobody loves Gnimo330,483 M
9DolphyneThunder of Draenor328,643 M
10MexloThunder of Draenor325,045 M
11Fhelicia (u)Northwind318,659 M
12Sheevra (u)Night Conquers Day318,370 M
13HeftpflastêrFrøntschweine308,021 M
14Megrim (u)Mystery Legends298,912 M
15EscáflownNaginata294,129 M
16Satî (u)Nobody loves Gnimo276,284 M
17NakiliaDisasterpiece264,935 M
18Hirnkekx (u)Warum ich euch Hasse262,895 M
19Catywasted257,962 M
20ThasusPlage256,091 M
21IlluminamiMystery Legends245,959 M
22Blackraempíre241,334 M
23FanaImmortal224,490 M
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