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EU-Connected Earthen Ring Total deaths from opposite faction

RP Realm
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1HellarayTime and Tide23,440
2JowaloHell Rejects10,588
3StillstimThe SeaWolf Crew10,035
4NoitaneitiNo Progress8,875
5DixellaThe Equals7,978
6ProxxyThe True Flight7,180
7ImtammalaThe Irresponsibles6,765
8GoodinboneHell Rejects6,758
9ShaksonPact of Wolves6,404
10DekyHell Rejects6,321
11QiuniahHeritage of Hellsc..6,153
12Oceanogue 5,922
13ZsáToxic Truth5,874
14HecatombeHell Rejects5,648
16DymfnaPact of Wolves5,454
17YissaHeritage of Hellsc..5,149
19CirkusCirkus Fanclub5,097
20WispytryxThe SeaWolf Crew5,078
21MandarineThe Asylum5,034
22AnistrahlOstarim Tel Niasa5,003
23LacteaLights of Elune4,875
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