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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Zoyt (u)Aeon1,007,557 M
2GpshadowbornOrder And Chaos911,415 M
3Tornez (u)Why no love869,758 M
4Purepoison (u)Brothers in Arms792,681 M
5RaizzCult of the Doomed730,478 M
6CrazySubstance518,203 M
7Zíra 491,182 M
8Audioslave (u)Brothers in Arms471,198 M
9Areat (u)TaHrPa430,618 M
10Fyrús 426,296 M
11GreenbutcherWhy no love422,116 M
12AsselynaRequiem417,043 M
13QlexThe Brotherhood of..389,892 M
14EspfarRenegade Legion355,064 M
15SyphønSafety In Numbers352,216 M
16KompiraOverpowered349,399 M
17WedgeSubstance340,023 M
18JarlexleThe Fury Covenant332,576 M
19NightdukeSubstance330,566 M
20ShobiRenegade Legion326,484 M
21RengzixAeon326,449 M
22Saltydog (u)Renegade Legion324,873 M
23CsontvázSeagulls320,002 M
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