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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1GpshadowbornOrder And Chaos37,941 M
2Axlvg (u) 32,458 M
3Zíra 31,576 M
4Taisuke (u)Renegade Legion30,785 M
5Fyrús 28,327 M
6Purepoison (u)Brothers in Arms27,761 M
7Misery (u)Peasants27,687 M
8GreenbutcherWhy no love25,159 M
9Lyrada (u)The Tempted24,958 M
10CrazySubstance23,487 M
11NightdukeSubstance23,405 M
12KidnappedOverpowered22,216 M
13GatstamperPap en Vleis20,304 M
14Restricted (u)Why no love20,238 M
15KompiraOverpowered19,290 M
16Sympho (u)The Tempted19,152 M
17Uburus (u) 19,019 M
18VorkosiganCult of the Doomed18,090 M
19PhrxsThe Tempted18,062 M
20DhanirWhy no love17,581 M
21Antaraai (u)Dagon Roots17,226 M
22Raico (u)Circle of Nerzhul17,164 M
23ScárfaceQuantum of Rage16,826 M
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