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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1DilwynWhy no love660,488 M
2IlliWhy no love649,941 M
3Monoroth (u) 646,533 M
4Tidaldrainer 598,430 M
5Garibaldy (u)Brothers in Arms598,250 M
6Lythos 592,412 M
7HeliaxxPeasants577,507 M
8GpshadowbornOrder And Chaos534,328 M
9Ratzel (u)Brothers in Arms516,950 M
10Baxur (u)Brothers in Arms504,285 M
11Zíra 491,182 M
12SoledadOrder And Chaos491,171 M
13PcixovgaltisOrder And Chaos488,098 M
14ZeedojinPeasants487,952 M
15ShekàThe Tempted481,042 M
16Yiaz 479,346 M
17Salamance (u)Order And Chaos477,751 M
18Blitzz (u)Why no love471,223 M
19UzumakiOrder And Chaos463,867 M
20DajokeThe Tempted460,314 M
21Pulzzar (u) 451,775 M
22Spooncake 445,313 M
23Misery (u)Peasants443,196 M
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