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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Total healing done

PvP Realm
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1Katnoip (u)Renegade Legion216,282 M
2Santar (u)Brothers in Arms182,099 M
3CoprostasisBrothers in Arms178,620 M
4UchihaitachiOrder And Chaos172,919 M
5LlonaThe Tempted154,369 M
6DudumasterMistborn146,339 M
7Foobah (u)SHAC146,197 M
8Luminary (u)The Tempted143,952 M
9Trabakula (u)Circle of Nerzhul142,037 M
10Awecum (u)The Tempted130,578 M
11SpydruidForgotten Legends129,364 M
12Tourniquet (u)The Tempted128,641 M
13Anoreal 125,764 M
14Elavie (u)Dereliction125,420 M
15EldoodThe Tempted123,459 M
16Heafstaag (u)Peasants122,331 M
17QuartzzWhy no love119,549 M
18ÂlûThe Tempted118,418 M
19PectusOrigin118,047 M
20JjxjjFor Hire112,716 M
21AcetylsalixBrothers in Arms112,149 M
22Timmad (u) 111,925 M
23DescarteCult of the Doomed111,426 M
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